Dr Work Station

The Doctor Work station module makes available the outpatient queue information to a particular doctor. Through DR work station, a doctor can collect the patient previous health history, BMI, to map ICD coding and generate online Prescriptions and online Requisition (This is a Unique feature). This online prescribed medicine is picked up from the pharmacy and gets into ready for serve mode. This feature provides a high comfort to a patient as he/she doesn’t need to spend time in queues before the pharmacy store and provides accurate medicine by leaving zero scope for any misinterpretation by the Chemist.

In the same way the facility is extended online for the diagnostic registration purpose. Once the patient enters into diagnostic centre, with help of UHID\OPD number, one can generate the patient requisition slip with a single mouse click, enables the patient to complete all clinical diagnostic process recommended by consulting doctor. DR work station also extends a very special service where in, concept data of a particular patient can be analyzed by the doctor for better understanding / diagnosis. This feature is one of the unique features in our module.

In this module one can also upload software copy of a patient x-ray, ct, mri and other radiology images (jpeg,jpg) formats.


1) ICD – Coding master data maintenance

2) Registered Patient information Monitoring for a Doctor

3) Analysis Chief medical complaints

4) BMI analysis

5) ICD–10 mapping

6) Online Prescription Slip

7) Online Requisition Slip

8 ) Patient Investigations & Analysis

9) Upload all radiology images for a patient


1) Doctor wise Patient Report

2) Immunization chart

3) Refer to A doctor report

4) And other customized reports with demographical representation