Front Office

The Front Office Module automates the day-to-day activities of the Front office management of a hospital. This module helps in assisting patient with accurate information and supports in handling patient related enquiries efficiently, focused at better customer response. This module, having excellent features and advanced search facilities improves the quality and broadens the scope of services respectively being rendered to the users. Athetench Front office module also handles help desk information. The feature shares information received from all other modules and tracks changes in the status, location, tariff and availability of services throughout the organization.

The major activities are process in the front office module

1) Vehicle Management
2) Doctors Scheduling
3) In Patient Information
4) Call Centre Information

1) Vehicle Management

This feature helps to manage Transportation Function in an efficient way. It facilitates process of initiation for a transport need, intimate to the concerned staff and allocate / distribute a transportation facility in very systematic manner. This Vehicle management feature, tracks and records the vehicle movement activity. This MIS is quite useful to analyse the performance of transportation department. Management can leverage this feature for monitoring, controlling and improving the performance of the transportation wing.

2) Doctors Scheduling

This feature helps in adopting a better scheduling approach, without any clashes or errors about appointments for patient conveniently connected through all modes of appointments and supports through a 24X7 environment.

3) In Patient information

This feature provides information pertains to an inpatient with regard to his name, date of admission and room allotted etc., supporting answering inquiries from visitors / well wishers etc.,

4) Call center information

This feature provides information on services, doctors, packages, tariffs, tests procedures and any other details, the patient would like to know over a telephonic inquiry before visiting the hospital.


1) Vehicle wise analysis reports
2) Doctors wise schedule reports
3) In Patient occupancy reports
4) Call center information
5) Customized reports with demographic details