Operation Theatre

This module has every feature required to perform all the clinical and administrative functions of the operation theatres and generates activity/efficiency reports related to it. This Module provides information on Operation Schedules, Operation Notes from Nurses, Anesthetist and Surgeons. It maintains Surgical and Medical Stock information. The System provides facility for advance booking and fixing Patient Appointments for Surgery. All concerned can generate daily Surgery schedule in advance for necessary action.

OT Booking

This feature allows to book operation theatre for a particular patient on a date & specified time. One can choose operation theatre allocated for a particular surgery with help of IP NO.

OT Scheduler

This feature allows scheduling resources for a surgery/procedure. Like operation theatre surgeon, Asset, Surgeon etc.,

OT Consumables :

In the Operation theatre module, OT Consumables feature, records the information pertains to consumables utilized for a particular operation. The operation assistant can enter information through this module. It will directly be effected in the IP Final billing avoiding human errors.


Day wise surgery wise list
Patient wise OT Consumables between date
Operation Type
Operation Reports
OT Consumables
OT Booking report
Operation Theatre report
And many more customized reports with Demographical representation