Wards Management

This module records all clinical and administrative data related to the patient’s admission and also capture the billable services consumables and other materials provided within wards. This module is an integrated solution for the nursing stations in the wards, surgical intensive care unit, Medical care unit and daycare. Here the module takes care of nursing procedures, clinical procedures, in patient services allocation, Tests allocation, pharmacy order, Lab & blood bank services. Nursing procedures allotted by doctors to specific patients can be viewed and rendered here in the wards management process

Investigation Request

This feature is used to raise an investigation request for a patient. This is in turn reflected in the respective labs for investigation purpose and at a central billing location for billing purpose.

Drug order

This feature is used to order drugs for a patient. The ordered drugs will reflect in the respective Pharmacy for delivering the drugs to the patient.

Drug Returns

This feature is used to record the return of the drugs, ordered for a patient, which automatically reflects in the bill.

Procedures & services Order entry

This feature is used to order procedures that are done for a patient.
Medical Equipment And allied services
This feature is used to order and charge for medical equipments used for the patient based on the defined tariff.


Occupancy Report
Beds Transfer
Current In Patient
Bed Rates
Room Tariff
And other customized reports with graphical representation