Web Appointments

Web based appointments is a facility provided for people who would like to fix up their appointment with a doctor from their doorsteps. As a first step, the patient enters into hospital web site and confirms his/her appointment. He\ she can find out the doctor and specialization and choose flexible time slots from the un-reserved time slots. This module categorizes the patient in two different ways. 1) A new patient enters first his\her personal demographic data, and end of the process system generates a temporary ID. The temporary ID, is quoted at the time of registration for availing service from the doctor and also to seek a UHID. 2) An Existing Patient: If a patient earlier registered in the hospital data, he can enter the UHID number allotted to him / her and the rest of the data pertains to personal / demographic information will be extracted by system.


1) Appointments

2) Cancellations


1) Web based appointments

2) Web based appointments cancellation